Is Olivia Dunne Like Simone Biles, Based on This Gorgeous Photo of Her Doing What She Loves?

A young gymnast named Olivia Dunne recently posted a beautiful snapshot of herself doing what she loves: doing a challenging performance on the balancing beam.

People began comparing Dunne to Simone Biles, the most accomplished gymnast in history, and the shot immediately went global.

Dunne may not yet have Biles's name recognition, but she is quickly becoming a household name in the gymnastics world thanks to her stellar results at both national and international tournaments.

Dunne has been called "the next Simone Biles," while some say such a comparison is unjust because the two gymnasts have such different talents and approaches.



Dunne has professed appreciation for Biles and other gymnasts who have come before her, but she seems intent on forging her own path in the sport.

Her commitment and talent are evident, and Dunne will continue to make waves in the gymnastics world whether or not she becomes the next Simone Biles.

This beautiful photograph of Dunne doing what she loves is a tribute to gymnastics, its outstanding athletes, and the grace and beauty of the sport.