Earth's North Magnetic Pole Is On The Move - Here's What Will Happen When Our Poles Flip

Earth's north magnetic pole is constantly on the move, drifting towards Siberia at a rate of about 55 kilometers per year.

This movement is caused by the complex interactions between the Earth's magnetic field and the molten iron in its core.

The north magnetic pole has been moving faster in recent years, which has raised concerns about the possible consequences of a pole flip.

A pole flip is a natural phenomenon that occurs every few hundred thousand years, where the north and south magnetic poles switch places.


During a pole flip, the Earth's magnetic field weakens, which can lead to increased exposure to solar radiation and cosmic rays.

This can have a range of effects, from disrupting satellite and communication systems to causing auroras to appear at lower latitudes.

However, scientists believe that the effects of a pole flip would not be catastrophic for life on Earth, as our planet has experienced many pole flips in the past.