6 Early Morning Rituals to Balance Your Hormones Naturally


Your body sends several indications of imbalance daily. Hormonal imbalances may result from adrenals, thyroid, gut, liver, nutrition, and other lifestyle disorders.

Oil pulling: Helps to cleanse the system and restore the gut microbiome which is responsible for gut health, which in turn can have a major impact on your hormonal health!

Rise with the sun, not a screen: Blue light may spike your cortisol, which is at its maximum when you wake up. Wait at least 45 minutes before checking your phone after waking up.


Start your day moving: Starting the day with mild stretching helps boost your lymphatic system, digestion, and metabolism, which are crucial to hormonal balance!

Avoid caffeine first thing in the morning: Jolting your body awake with caffeine (acidic) on an empty stomach is doing your hormones 0 favours.

Eat a protein-rich breakfast within 90 minutes of waking: When you eat breakfast in the morning, you are training your hunger hormone to fire off during waking hours.

Grounding: Barefoot walking is all it takes. Grounding normalizes the diurnal cycle of cortisol, which controls blood sugar, metabolism, inflammation, and memory formation.