Gymnastics Biles to Compete in Sixth World Championships

Gymnastics Biles to Compete in Sixth World Championships

USA Gymnastics claims that Simone Biles has set a new record by qualifying for the World Championships for the sixth time. This comes roughly a month after Biles set a record with her seventh consecutive U.S. Gymnastics Championship.

On Tuesday, Biles, now 26, won the United States women’s artistic gymnastics team’s selection camp for the World Championships and the Pan American Games. According to USA Gymnastics, Biles finished third behind Kaliya Lincoln and Shi Jones in a “nail-biting competition” that came close to its final minutes.

When she finished the competition with a higher score on vault, her best equipment, than Jones did on bars, his best apparatus, she won, as reported by USA Gymnastics.

Skye Blakely placed third with a score of 55.000, behind 55.300 for Jones and 55.700 for Biles. Biles is a certain starter for the squad that will represent the United States at the World Championships, which will be held in Antwerp, Belgium from September 30 to October 8. On Wednesday night, the entire roster will be revealed.

Biles withdrew from competition after getting the “twisties” in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. She returned this year and made history in the U.S. Gymnastics Championship in August, becoming the only gymnast in history to win eight all-around titles. Furthermore, she is the oldest woman to ever win an overall championship.

Athletes that try out the twisties run the risk of being disoriented in midair, which may be extremely harmful to their health. No way could I ever twist. “I seriously cannot understand how to twist,” Biles posted on Instagram in 2021. A “strange and weird thing and feeling,” as the saying goes.

USA Gymnastics announced that “after further medical evaluation,” Biles will not compete in the all-around event at the Olympics. This decision was made so that Biles may “focus on her mental health.”

According to USA Gymnastics, Biles has won a total of 32 medals throughout World Championships and Olympic competitions, making her the most successful female gymnast in American history. She’s tied with American gymnast Shannon Miller, who last competed in the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, with seven medals.

Biles has not said whether or not she would compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris, when she would have a chance to beat the record. After winning the U.S. Championship this year, Biles remarked, “I like to keep (my goals) personal, just so I know what I’m aiming for.” That’s the way I see it working out best. This year I’m attempting a mild departure from my typical yearly tempo. I’m going to keep it a secret since I think it’s working so far.

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  1. Where is she from is it Naperville or Bolingbrook Illinois, did she get married, did she have a baby, is this not too old for her to continue with Gymnastics @this late age {26} Twenty-Six isn’t pushing it health wise, I guess as long as she feels it right. I’m so Proud KEEP up the GREAT WORK BREAKING WORLD RECORDS

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